• iFly Programme

  • What's iFly all about?


    iFly is a scheme to help aspiring young pilots to launch a career in aviation. Many young pilots want to fly for their own enjoyment before they embark on their professional pilot training but are finding it more and more difficult to fund their passion with escalating fuel prices.

    iFly aims to address this by using the sport of Gliding as a tool to not only help young people get in the air cheaply, but also to give their CV a real boost when it comes to those all important entry assessments for professional flight academies.

    Gliding is an extremely cheap, pure and green sport that can enhance your flying ability. The iFly scheme will enable a number of selected candidates to gain valuable experience in terms of flying which in turn will help them gain a place on CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's APP First Officer course upon the completion of the iFly syllabus.

  • Scheme


    After an intensive selection process 20 candidates will be offered a place on the iFly scheme.

    The course lasts 2 years and aims to train the candidate to fly solo by the end of year one and well on the way towards an National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) by the end of the second year.

    Those enrolled on the iFly scheme become automatic members of Windrushers Gliding Club and receive a 1-week intensive course during the summer period. Here you will learn to glide in a fleet of modern 2-seat training aircraft with experienced instructors. Before and after your intensive gliding course, on any day you are free, you can come along and learn new flying skills. From there, the rest of the year will be all about training and developing the candidate to achieve various Gliding qualifications which will eventually lead to the candidate gaining the hours needed in a powered aircraft to attain a NPPL.

    The second year focuses on these skills and will be aimed at attaining the NPPL along with all the ground exams.

    All of the above will be recorded in a log book as per usual, however a mentor will also watch over the candidate and check they are heading in the right direction. During the 2 years the candidates will be expected to attend 1 seminar per annum at CAE OAA and will also be invited to one of their open days.

    The iFly scheme also helps candidates learn the teamwork skills that are so vital for a career in aviation. On top of the flying, the candidate will learn to organise and work in a team at the gliding club ensuring each glider gets into the air safely. The candidates will also learn to drive the winch that launches the gliders and will also be able to get involved in aircraft maintenance – all fantastic opportunities to boost their CV. Once the candidate has completed the iFly course at Windrushers Gliding Club, they will have the opportunity of a place on the Prestigious CAE OAA First Officer programme – by passing the usual application process and paying the associated training fees.

    CAE OAA will offer a discount on their normal charges to iFly trainees. Further details will be available on request.

  • Requirements to Apply

    • Aged 16-21
    • 5 GCSE's @ C or above(including Maths, English & Physics)
    • Eligibility to obtain a class medical 1 certificate from the UK CAA
    • Successfully pass a preliminary assessment at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
    • Live in either Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire
  • What we expect from you while on the scheme

    • Attend a 1 week intensive course in the summer
    • Attend 1 seminar at CAE OAA per year
    • Help at the Windrushers competitions
    • Attend a CAE OAA open day
    • Show passion, commitment and tenacity to succeed