• Course Outline

    CAE OAA is proud to partner IndiGo in the delivery of a new pathway for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Programme; the International Pathway.

    Selected cadets will train across two of CAE OAA’s Academies in India and Australia.

    This self-sponsored International Pathway is jointly designed by CAE and IndiGo with the opportunity for you to train for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and an Airbus A320 Type Rating with CAE before going on to fly as an A320 First Officer with IndiGo.

    Training Pathway

    The unique IndiGo Cadet Pilot program is specifically designed for individuals with no previous flying experience who would like to embark on a career as a pilot.

    The program comprises two phases of training:

    Phase 1:

    This phase provides cadets with the training required to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with a Multi-Engine Instrument rating (MEIR) and to complete the required Multi-Engine piloting experience.

    Once the selection criteria are met, the visa documentation for Australia shall be processed immediately from the date of induction with the assistance of our customer services team.

    Upon completion cadets will induct at CAE OAA’s Academy in Melbourne Australia, where they will undertake flight training for the CPL, MEIR and the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

    After successful completion of their training in Australia, cadets return to CAE OAA’s Academy in Gondia to undertake the ground school training and undergo flight and theory examination requirements for the DGCA license conversion.

    Phase 2:

    Once the cadets have obtained their CPL, they move on to the Type Rating (TR) training phase to qualify as a co-pilot on the Airbus A320 aircraft. Type rating training will be conducted at one of CAE’s global network of training Centers such as Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid or Dubai.

    The duration of the CPL training is planned at 17 months, which comprises 12.5 months in Australia for flight school & UPRT training, 4 months of ground school in India for the theoretical knowledge training and a further 2 weeks of license conversion training at the Gondia campus upon return from Australia. The Airbus A320 type rating is planned at an additional 2 months. However, DGCA licensing, scheduling, cadet performance, weather, and any other delays will extend the duration of the cadet program.

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