• FAQs

    What are the eligibility criteria to apply to the programme?

    Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Jet Airways programme:

    • Must be of Indian nationality, or hold an Overseas Citizenship of India
    • Must be 18 years or older at the time of registering for the programme
    • Maximum age: 30 years at time of appearing for Selection in Phase 1
    • Achieved a minimum score of 55% in Physics, Mathematics and English in (10+2) exam individually*
    • Be in good physical condition with appropriate weight and height
    • Possess a valid Indian Class I medical certificate** (No Limitations)
    • Be fluent in English - both written and verbal

    * If an applicant has graduated with physics and math or engineering with a mark of 55 % or more, the eligibility criterion of 12th with 55% except in English can be overlooked.

    ** Candidates not possessing an Indian Class 1 medical can apply for the Jet Airways programme with a Class II medical, however they must possess an Indian Class 1 medical prior to commencing on the programme.

    How do I arrange travel arrangements to Phoenix – USA?

    The air travel between India and Phoenix, USA is not included in the published course and is the candidate’s responsibility. The arrangements of travel and visa should be arranged by the candidate. Our staff will assist you for the smooth function of the process. Cadets must travel in a group and must arrive in Phoenix on the same flight, if required our staff will assist you with the group booking.

    Who will pay for my medical Insurance during training?

    Medical insurance for the stay at India is highly recommended and it is to be borne by the candidate. The medical insurance at Phoenix, USA is included in the fees.

    Does the fee include the cost of Medical fees and DGCA exam fees?

    The fees does not include the cost of the DGCA exams and DGCA Medical Exam, however the fee related to exams at Phoenix, USA are included. Candidates are advised to commence the FAA medical as soon as possible after confirmation to the course to ensure there is no delay to the commencement of flight training in Phoenix, USA.

    What are the required documents to be produced before training?

    The below mentioned are the required documents to be submitted.

    1. 10th Std. mark sheet
    2. 12th Std. mark sheet
    3. Graduation – If candidate is graduate (Science or BE/BTECH)
    4. Medical Certificate (Class I and Class II)
    5. Valid Indian Passport

    Note: All the specified documents should be submitted before a week from the date of screening screening

    Where will I stay during training and who will arrange it?

    Accommodation is included during your time in the US and arrangements are made by the customer service team at the academy in Phoenix. On return to India, CAE will make arrangements for your stay during the license conversion training during the Boeing 737NG Type Rating training the pilot is responsible for their own travel arrangements.

    Who will arrange my visa for training (if applicable)?

    CAE will facilitate the visa process however you will be responsible to obtain your own visa at your cost & other necessary travel related documents in relation to the training.

    How long is the programme?

    The training programme is divided into two categories:

    1. CPL (Commercial pilot license)
    2. Type Rating (Boeing 737NG)

    The duration of the CPL training is planned at 18 months, which comprises 12.5 months in the United States for flight school and UPRT training, 3 months of ground school in India for the theoretical knowledge training and a further 2 weeks of license conversion training at the Gondia campus upon return from the US. The Boeing 737 type rating is planned at an additional 2.5 months.

    However, DGCA licensing, scheduling, pilot performance, weather, and any other delays can extend the duration of the flight training programme.

    Will I be provided uniform?

    Yes, uniforms will be provided.

    Who will meet me on arrival at CAE?

    CAE customer service department will co-ordinate arrival schedule and transportation.

    What is the minimum and maximum age for applicants?

    Minimum Age:
    At least 18 years or older at the time of registering for the Jet Airways Cadet Pilot Programme

    Maximum Age:
    30 years at the time of appearing for the Selection in Phase 1

    What is the Jet Airways Cadet Pilot Programme?

    The Jet Airways Cadet Pilot Programme is for motivated individuals aspiring to be pilots. It involves training the candidates in 2 phases so that he/she can act as a Jr. Co-pilot with Jet Airways.

    The first phase is to provide the required training to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Multi engine Instrument rating followed by the second phase: Type Rating training for qualifying on the Boeing 737NG.

    Where will I be trained for CPL and Boeing 737NG Type Rating?

    The CPL phase of training will be conducted CAE in Phoenix, USA, Bengaluru and Gondia, India or any other training center approved by Jet Airways.

    The B737 Type Rating will be conducted at a CAE Type Rating training center in India. The specific center will be assigned to the pilot on completion of the training.

    How much is the selection Fee?

    Only those candidates who have paid the CASS test fee in advance as stipulated by CAE will be accepted to participate in the selection process. Candidates are required to bring along Proof of Payment such as a scanned copy of the Deposit Slip or the UTIN Pin from Bank as Proof of Transaction on assessment day. No demand drafts will be accepted.

    Is there any paperwork that I need to sign with Jet Airways?

    At the time of signing the Cadet Pilot Agreement, the candidate is required to sign a specialised Training Agreement whereby the candidate commits to serve Jet Airways for a specified term, post successful completion of his/her training (both CPL & Type Rating).

    Who pays for the total Training (CPL/ME/IR/UPRT and Boeing 737NG Type Rating)?

    The total cost of training is borne by the candidate.

    What is the total cost of the programme and what is the payment schedule?

    The total cost for this programme is $128,035 USD (Payable in Phoenix, USA to CAE, Phoenix). The pricing is inclusive of appropriate taxes per location. Selection exam fees are extra and the fee does not include the cost of medical certificates, visa, transportation (other than local) and DGCA or other license fees.