• Aircraft Fleet & Simulators

  • Aircraft Fleet

    We have a comprehensive, modern and well-equipped fleet of 31 training aircraft at our Melbourne training centre.

    EFIS ‘glass cockpit’ instrumentation ensures that training is focused upon the student’s ultimate destination – the capability of the airliner cockpit.

    Our fleet of ab initio training aircraft in Melbourne includes:

    Aircraft Qty
    Cessna 172 22
    Piper Seminole PA44 6
    Hawker Beechcraft Kingair BE90 GTi 1
    Decathlon 8KCAB 2
    Total 31  


  • Simulator Fleet

    Our airline style simulator training centre consists of a total of five simulators. For ab initio training we utilise two C-172 simulators both with full wrap around visuals and two twin engine simulators which are used extensively for instrument flying training. In addition we also have a fixed base Genjet simulator (based on the Bombardier CRJ-200) with modern visual system technology with a 200-degree wrap-around screen.

    The jet simulator is fitted with dual Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS), dual Flight Management Systems (FMS), Engine Instruments and Crew Alerting Systems (EICAS), Flight Directors (FD) and Auto Pilot (AP). This simulator enables students to be trained for the very latest in EFIS flightdeck technology.

    The simulators are an important feature in all of our programs and when combined with our highly experienced instructors enable us to provide a realistic airline training environment from ‘day 1’and creates excellent ‘bridge’ transition training from ab initio training into type endorsement training and onto airline service.

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