• Part 61 Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) Course

  • Course Outline

    Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) is required to be held by Commercial Pilot Licence holders to be employed as a Flight Instructor for the purpose of delivering training to students.

    The CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Melbourne (CAE OAAM) FIR course content meets CASA requirements described in the Part 61 Manual of Standards – Instructor Ratings (FIRC).


    At successful completion of the syllabus of training and two individual flight tests, the student will obtain a Flight Instructor Rating (Grade 3) and Night Teaching Endorsement. The required paperwork will be submitted to CASA for processing the rating and endorsement on the student’s pilot licence.

    Teaching methods

    • Classroom teaching
    • Pre and Post-flight briefing
    • Practical Flight Instruction in aircraft and classroom
    • Role-play of simulated flight and ground instructional sequences


    Throughout the training all applicants must demonstrate competency in specified elements and performance criteria. Progressive assessment is recorded.

    The Flight Instructor Rating and Night Teaching Endorsement are granted on successful completion of two flight tests.

    Type Individual or Group task Weighting
    Flight Tests Individual 100%


    • 12 Hours of classroom tuition on the Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI).
    • 80 hours of flight mass brief instruction.
    • 33.2 hours of dual flight instruction and 12 hours of instructional practice (6.0 hours PIC) covering flight instructional techniques and principles.
    • Additionally there are 32 hours of pre-flight and post-flight briefings associated with the dual flight instruction sequences.
    • 5 hours of pre license briefing.
    • 2 flight tests of 4.0 hours ground theory and 1.5 hours flying each.

    Students will be required to complete the CASA Flight Instructor Rating exam (PIRC). The exam is required to be booked through ASL. Please note: The cost of this exam ($97.70 + CASA Exam Fee = $160.70) is not included in the total course cost.

    Course Duration

    10 weeks full-time

  • Selection Process


    To be eligible to enroll in the FIR course, the CASA pre-requisites must to be met which includes;

    • Hold a valid CPL
    • Hold a valid CIR or NVFR
    • Current ASIC
    • Current Class 1 Medical Certificate
    • Must have 13.8 hours night experience accumulated prior to course commencement
  • Course Fees

    Course Commencement

    The next Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) course is scheduled to commence on Monday 7th September 2015.

    Please note: All FIR courses are limited to 8 students, to allow for efficiency of course delivery and quality outcomes.

    Future FIR courses are tentatively planned for Mon 7thDecember 2015. 

    Please note: These dates are not confirmed and may change.

    All course enrolments must be finalised 4 weeks prior to course commencement date.


    $22,110.00 GST exempt

  • Apply

    If you meet the above eligibility criteria please submit an application via the CAE OAA web portal at this link - https://coaa.rtomanager.com.au/

    Please ensure that you upload all required documentation to your application as listed below;

    • Photo identification
    • Pilot Licence
    • Certificate of Validation (International applicants)
    • ASIC
    • CASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
    • Last 3 pages of logbook

    Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a member of the Student Services team to discuss your enrolment.

    If you require to contact a member of the Student Services team to discuss the course details further please email melbourneacademy@cae.com or call (03) 8587 3900.

  • Accommodation

    CAE OAA may be able to offer student accommodation for the duration of the course, dependent on availability. If you would like to enquire about available accommodation please email Alison Cilliers (Facilities & Administration Manager) at alison.cilliers@cae.com

  • Additional Information

    For more information on the Flight Instructor Rating course delivery under the Part 61 CASA Regulations please visit the link below;

    Flight Instructor Rating

    Pilot Instructor Rating Common Examination (PIRC)